An Authentic Experience in Each Style.

In the corner of all Great Professional MMA Fighters, you will find a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Coach and a Striking (Muay Thai, Boxing) Coach. Pro MMA Champions know that they cannot win unless they are getting the highest quality training in each aspect of fighting needed to be a Champion of Mixed Martial Arts. They seek out experts in each style and focus completely on that area of training to get the most out of each session and absorb all of the important details.

If you attended a College and are working toward your Liberal Arts Degree, you wouldn’t take any “Liberal Arts” Classes, you would be taking classes in all of the subjects that make up that degree, taught by experts in each field. The same way a School can be a Liberal Arts College, we are a Mixed Martial Arts School and just as you would take Math, Science and History in a Liberal Arts College, you will study Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing at our Mixed Martial Arts Academy because those are the arts that make up MMA.

Although we do offer some “MMA” classes where we put it all together, a large part of our training is segmented into classes where you will concentrate on one area at a time, giving that aspect of fighting your full attention. Think of it like being a Bodybuilder and trying to work out every muscle in your body in one workout session. Successful Bodybuilding Champions concentrate on one or two body parts per session. You could work your whole body in one short session, but any Bodybuilder will tell you that you won’t grow that way; if you want to see growth, you need to concentrate on one area at a time, giving each part 100% of your effort and attention. In order to grow you need to segment your training.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Don’t Settle for Less than the Source!

There are some who try to copy our method or identity and while imitation is the highest form of flattery to us, it is a disservice to the student. We are the East Valley’s best Source of Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Instruction! We have been teaching MMA in the area for over 5 years and didn’t start our  recently just to fit a trend. Our instructors are all long-time practitioners and experts in the art(s) that they teach. We are not a Karate School trying to keep up and our instructors don’t use their students as training dummies; we are this area’s Source for experienced, professional instruction.

Look at the Accomplishments of the Student!

Of course your teacher is great … but what about you???

We are an MMA school and are dedicated to teaching and producing the best possible student, not to promoting the ego of one school owner. When colleges advertise to potential students, they talk about what their students have accomplished and their prestige as an institution is based on the success of their graduates. Why should it be any different for a Martial Arts School? We are a Martial Arts Academy and feel that we are only as accomplished as the successes of our students.
Our Student’s Accomplishments are Our Credentials; while some others advertise or buy into the credentials of one instructor or association, we focus on what our students have accomplished and what we can do for you. Students who have trained at our school have gone on to win at the highest levels of the sport and our recreational students benefit from that experience.

At Phoenix Combat Academy, YOU are the next big thing and your goals are what matter; this is the place you’ll train at to get there!