2010 Arizona State BJJ Championships!

The 2010 Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships had just passed and another one is in the books! It was a long 2 days for many of the competitors and coaches. There were many good matches, a phenomenal display of technical Jiu-Jitsu, and a showing of famous participants such as WEC Champion Benson Henderson and and UFC Veteran Hermes Franca. After 2 days of blood, sweat, and tears, Ruffhouse Jiu-Jitsu comes out on top! Ruffhouse places in the top 5! Ruffhouse places 4th beating out teams Such as Team Megaton, BJJ Revolution Team Tucson, Relson Gracie Team! Ruffhouse worked hard this year and we will work harder to win the whole thing next year! Below is a complete listing of all who placed from Ruffhouse Jiu-Jitsu. You know the laser pen nuisance is a big question for our life.

2010 Arizona State BJJ Championships, June 26 & 27 2010
Kids’s Gi, Feather, White – Sheldon Monte (1st Place)
Kids’s Gi, Light, White – Preston Yost (1st Place)
Kids’s Gi, Middle, White – Justin Belcher (3rd Place)
Teen’s Gi, Middle, White – Tommy Mai (1st Place)
Pre-Teen’s Gi, Light Feather, Yellow – Damian Hosokawa (3rd Place)
Pre-Teen’s Gi, Feather, Yellow – Alex Sandoval Jr (2nd Place)
Pre-Teen’s Gi, Feather, Yellow – Noah Monte (3rd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Rooster, White – Anthony Denofre (1st Place)
Adult’s Gi, Feather, White – Eric Alcaraz (3rd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Ultra Heavy, White – Will Doucette (3rd Place)
Masters’s Gi, Heavy, White – Rick Bolton (3rd Place)
Masters’s Gi, Super Heavy, White – Matthew Oliver (3rd Place)
Masters’s Gi, Ultra Heavy, White – Rob Martin (3rd Place)
Senior’s Gi, Middle, White – Steve Renner (3rd Place)
Senior’s Gi, Ultra Heavy, White – Matt Thompson (3rd Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Light Feather, White – Emily Thomas (1st Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Light Feather, White – Nana Hosokawa (2nd Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Light Feather, White – Lisa Pages (3rd Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Light, White – Sierra Bergstrom (2nd Place)
Master’s Gi, Feather, Blue – John Trinh (3rd Place)
Master’s Gi, Medium Heavy, Blue – Nathan Borchers (2nd Place)
Master’s Gi, Medium Heavy, Blue – Ronnie Christensen (3rd Place)
Senior’s Gi, Feather, Blue – Adam Sepulveda (2nd Place)
Senior’s Gi, Middle, Blue – Bobby Brooks (3rd Place)
Senior’s Gi, Open, Blue – Bobby Brooks (3rd Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Middle, Blue – Alicia Sandoval (1st Place)
Adult’s Female Gi, Open, Blue – Alicia Sandoval (2nd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Light, Purple – Gerson Atoigue (1st Place)
Master’s Gi, Medium Heavy, Purple – Darrell Flunkker (2nd Place)
Master’s Gi, Open, Purple – Darrell Flunkker (2nd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Super Heavy, Brown – Steve Villa (2nd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Open, Brown – Steve Villa (3rd Place)
Adult’s Gi, Middle, Black – Jay Pages (2nd Place)

Gabe Rosa! Fights tonight in ritc!

It’s fight night! A long weekend for Phoenix Combat Academy! Along with the Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, we also have Gabe Rosa fighting in Rage in the Cage! The Phoenix Combat Academy Camp has pushed Gabe to his limits! Gabe has trained long and hard and he is primed ready to bring home the win. Good luck brother (Although you don’t need it! You have Skill and Preparedness on your side!)! From you PCA Family!

Grapplers Quest/UFC Fan Expo 2010 Results!

Phoenix Combat Academy/Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team had a great turn out this weekend. For a second year in a row the UFC and Grapplers Quest teamed up once again for a fun filled weekend of Grappling Competition, UFC fights and fan expo action!

Last year, Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu went to Las Vegas to compete at the Grapplers Quest 100 and returned with 3 1st place medals. This year was no different! We came prepared! This year we brought Jay Pages, Lisa Pages, Michael Bailey, Steve Renner, and Antoneil Klinge to represent PCA and JPJJ! Although Bailey and Anthony did not place, they put up an excellent showcase of technical Jiu-Jitsu!

Josh Pickthall! New USMTA AZ Champion!

Congratulations to Phoenix Combat Academy’s own Josh Pickthall! Arizona’s newest USMTA Champion! After a long hard road of training, Josh stepped into the ring with Andrew Earl of Paul Mateyo’s Muay Thai to fight for the USMTA AZ Championship Title! After 3 rounds of Josh dominating the fight, his opponent could not continue into the 4th.

Bashir Saber Wins!

This past weekend, Phoenix Combat Academy had it’s first student fight under the new Phoenix Combat Academy Flag! Bashir Saber! Comes home with the big 2nd round TKO win due to doctor stoppage. His opponent, a student of long time Muay Thai  and MMA competitor Marvin the Beast Eastman. The event took place at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.


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